Inviting Angels Into Your Life

Angels … What do you feel when you see that word? Do you see heavenly beings depicted with wings and halos? Perhaps you think of someone special who has been “like” an angel to you. Or, your awareness might bring the thought that they are messengers of the Divine.

They are all of that and more! They are guardians and guides – spiritual beings who are lovingly waiting for us to ask for their assistance.

Some traditions teach that we are born with a guardian angel and that in times of dire need, that guardian will appear to assist us – sometimes changing our physical course so that we can fulfill our agreements as we intended. But, in general, we are never really taught to seek them out directly. Often we might feel that the issue we face is too “trivial” for Divine intervention.

Does Everyone Have an Angel?

Thinking about having just ONE angel – didn’t seem quite right to me. So in asking for clarity, Spirit revealed that there are many angels available to us – we have just been hung up on the terminology. For some reason, we have found it sensible to have and expect multiple Spirit Guides but multiple Angels? No way.

Once we realize they are one in the same, we open up the world of possibilities for spiritual assistance. We contract for a wide assortment of spiritual assistance when we come to planet earth. Those who work primarily with people have many angels to assist them.

So, how do we tap into this spiritual assistance that is so readily available?

Our Angels want to communicate with us. In fact, they communicate with us all the time – we just are not listening, seeing, feeling or knowing their presence around us.

As long as we hold ourselves apart from having them in our lives, they cannot help us. They are under a Divine Law that does not allow them to interfere without our express request of them. For every situation and circumstance, there is a group of angels waiting in the wings – pardon the pun – to assist. All we need do is ask, wait upon the answer that does come, and then take that inspired action.

Getting Assistance From Our Angels

So, how do we tap into this Divine Service?


  • CLEAR INTENT – It is important to have a clear intent when working with your angels. While nothing is trivial to our angels, they are not there to do it for us. It is up to us to live the life we have attracted – to grow in spiritual awareness and understanding. When asking for angelic assistance, our intention needs to be for the highest spiritual outcome for all involved.
  • CLEAR FEELING – Once we have our clear intention, it is necessary to clear away as much of the negativity as possible. Because our angels are at a much higher vibration, we need to make the effort to raise our vibration to a level that we can interact. Our angels know that this is not always easy so they make extra efforts to reach us as well. We can clear our feeling centers by taking a few deep breathes while feeling love surround us. When we are plugged… it may feel like “goose bumps” (or God bumps), or a warm calmness, or a sense of peace; sometimes it can feel like their wings gently enfolding us. 606 angel number
  • CLEAR REQUEST – Our angels know what we want and need. While they do not spy on us, they are aware of what we are thinking when we open ourselves up to their assistance. And, I have discovered NOTHING is too trivial for them. So, clearly ask for what you want with the request that it be for the highest good of all.
  • CLEAR THE PATH – Once we ask, it is always given. We need to be open to receiving it. Our guides and angels tell us things in ways that are specific to our request but we tend to want the communication our way and not theirs. Often times we miss them! So, if something seems coincidental – ask your angels if that is your message/answer to what you were asking about.
  • CLEAR ACTION – After you have gotten your message, you may need to take action. If you are uncertain of the action – Ask your angels. They will help you along the way to taking the inspired action you need to achieve what you want in a loving and positive manner.
  • CLEARLY APPRECIATIVE – Knowing that you have asked and that it is always given, you can be appreciative of your answer coming to you in perfect time. So, it is time to say thanks. While our guides do not need to hear it because they know who we really are, appreciation is actually for US. It allows us to remember that we have tremendous gifts around us all the time – and our angels are a wonderful gift from the Divine. It is a fascinating path to work with our angels. Since we have angels for every conceivable thing in our lives, we have help readily available. If you are facing a financial challenge, ask for your Divine Financial Assistance Team or if it is a health challenge, your Divine Medical Assistance Team is already on it. Realize, though, that they can only work when you ask them to because the number one law of the Universe is that of Free Will. So, today, take a few moments – get clear, call in one of your Angelic Assistance Teams and begin Inviting Your Angels to play in your life.


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